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Value My Trade

Value My Trade

This process has been designed to be quick and easy for your convenience. The appraisal form will provide us with most of the necessary information required to make an accurate offer. If you are unable to complete the form online, just come by our convenient location to receive your appraisal in person. Once an offer is accepted, we will complete some minor paperwork and issue payment immediately. Please see the following page for information on the items you will need to bring with you.

What to Bring

Sale day, what do I need to bring with me?
Your vehicle and all original equipment and accessories. In addition to your vehicle, we will need the original keys and remotes along with anything else you may have that came with the vehicle. This includes floor mats, owner's manuals, navigation discs, maintenance records, third row seats, etc. These items add value to your vehicle and in turn may reduce the value if something important is missing.

Your vehicle's title or pay-off information
We will need the original title to the vehicle with original signatures from all persons listed on the title. It must be free and clear of all liens or we will need the lien holder information to make a pay off. Any difference will be paid accordingly.

Current State-Issued Identification
Anyone's name that appears on the title or registration must provide a current state driver's license or ID card.

Your Vehicle Information

What is included?

Your Information